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the Lions part

the Lions part

Welcome to the home of the Lions part

the Lions part is an eclectic company of like-minded professional performers who collaborate to create seasonal festivals, plays and theatre pieces that transform public and community spaces as well as traditional theatres with a fusion of stories, playtexts, music, customs and heritage.

the Lions part also gives artistic and administrative support to company members in other projects: from all kinds of performance to music composition, as well as design and costume creation using classical texts and living history as both an inspiration and a resource.

Annual Bankside Festivals

Join us at one of our seasonal festivals on the Bankside outside Shakespeare's Globe

The Twelfth Night 2017 Celebrations will be on Sunday 8 January 2017.

The 2016 October Plenty was on Sunday 23rd October.

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About us

The Lions part was first formed by a group of professional actors who met doing First Folio work with the Original Shakespeare Company. The core members now include a musician and an academic, and several of the group produce and direct as well as perform. Our experience as individual actors spans every kind of theatre, including the major stages and companies. We love verse and music old and new, celebration, costume, the seasons - above all, theatre.