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October Plenty

Last Year

Our October Plenty Festival 2020 took place on Sunday October 25th 2020 - online.
It was preceded by a week of amazing activities.
We were most grateful to be funded by Arts Council England for this event.

A replay of the video from 2020 is available for a limited time until 7th November

This Year - and Beyond

This year our usual traditional festive routes and venues for our October Plenty festival are significantly restricted or unavailable. Alternatives would require extensive preparation time: this has not been possible for us to achieve for this autumn.

So time to think again!

Following the success of our online seasonal festivities for the last two events, we can make this present time a great opportunity to explore.

We hope to discover new links and additional activities that will enrich the festival, establish future routes and a venue for October Plenty from 2022 and so secure this much loved festival a home for years to come.

We are delighted to be taking some elements of our autumn festivities to a small community event in North London in October, thus sharing and keeping alive the individual spirit of October Plenty.

We will of course POST UPDATES!

Sometimes something does spring onto the streets..

We certainly aim to be back on Bankside for Twelfth Night 2022, so check us out for that!

Warmest wishes for the autumn season,
the Lions part

Lift up your hearts, your voices and feet!

Thank you to all those who joined our Virtual October Plenty Celebrations last year
and helped us Bring the Harvest Home in 2020.

Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter feeds, our Instagram Account, our Youtube Channel and this website for news.

Our thanks to everyone who made last years October Plenty possible.
Click here to download the October Plenty 2020 Festival Credits

View our photo gallery of past October Plenty events

The Corn Queene

Over 20 years ago, fired with enthusiasm for amazing autumn festivies that people celebrated world wide and influenced by the organisation Common Ground, whose creation of Apple Day has inspired so many, I gathered with local friends and members of the Lions part and we launched October Plenty. At the heart of it was the iconic Corn Queene. Since then, in collaboration with Roots and Shoots, Lambeth, through David Perkins and Sarah Wilson, she has become an annual wonder. This, her 'Natural History' written by David, offers you all her qualities: enjoy!

Click here to download "The Corn Queene Natural History", by David Perkins.

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Make a Donation

the Lions part is a charity which survives on donations and one-off grants. Thanks to the Arts Council England Emergency Covid-19 Fund 2020, we were given a little bit of a breathing space for one year!
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Thank you!!